Best Secateurs for Small Hands

best secateurs for small handsGarden tools,  especially secateurs are coming along leaps and bounds. The best garden tool manufacturers have answered the demand for specific pruners aimed at users with differing needs including some fantastic pruners for small hands.

We now have secateurs for small hands and large. Secateurs designed specifically for left handed users etc. Whatever your requirement there is a model that will match your needs perfectly.  All making the task of garden maintenance easier, fun and a more enjoyable experience.

So here we have put together a small list that we feel are the best secateurs for small hands currently available.

felco 160s for small handsFelco 160s Essential Small Bypass Secateurs

The 160S secateur comes from Felco. It is their entry level model but is still far better than other pruners in this price range. The handle is made from an extremely tough composite material and the blade is manufactured from hardened steel.

As with all other Felco models all the parts on the 160S are replaceable with  spares available from many vendors online. No more throwing out your secateurs when a spring breaks! Click here for price and more info

small bypass secateurs Okatsune 101 Small Bypass Secateurs

We have not tested this particular model but if the reviews are anything to go by  this is an excellent pruner for small hands and competes with all the other top brand secateurs.

Simplicity has been at the forefront of design. Handle, blade, spring and catch. The blade is something else! Manufactured from the same steel used for Samurai swords, this will lengthen time between having to sharpen the blade and years of enjoyable use (plus you can brag about having Samurai secateurs)

The 101 is the Okatasune secateur from small hands and is available from Amazon here.

gardena secateurs for smaller handsGardena Comfort Bypass Secateurs

This is a good secateur for light and occasional use although if you need a secateur for shrub work one of the above may be a better option (if your budget allows). Coated blades make less likely to rust and comfortable handles.

This secateur features an adjustment the user can make to suit hand size “one size fits all” Soft and nicely shaped handles make this a comfortable tool to use.

small handed felco secateursFelco Model 6 Compact Secateurs

This model is the Felco 160s (see top) big brother. Specifically designed for small hands the Felco 6 is a professional secateur that will last you a lifetime. They will cut through the toughest of plant material with ease and carry a lifetime warranty for manufacturers defects. As will all Felco models, all parts are available should something break.