Choosing the best garden trolley cart in 2020

Advantages of Using a Garden Trolley Cart

garden trolley carts Most of us love our gardens and adore spending any spare time tending and neatening up this special, magical space – call it a labour of love. We know that gardening is one of the most therapeutic activities we can immerse our bodies and minds in passionately, and the rewards of our efforts can be spectacular as each new season unfolds.

That said, there is no reason why some of the more backbreaking tasks associated with gardening need affect us any more, with so many clever tools and help aids available to assist us.

Enter garden trolley carts, the perfect helpers for moving things effortlessly around the garden, be it shifting large loads of soil or compost, pruning offcuts or even building materials for maintenance around our properties.

Making Gardening Much Easier

There are a number of sturdily designed mini-carts for the gardener to consider. Thanks to their stability, these garden push carts have overtaken old-fashioned wheelbarrows for typical gardening assignments. These clever little transporters are ideal for moving bulk items like sand or soil, and they are easy to manoeuvre as they are fitted with the right wheels and steering equipment to tackle most garden terrain.

Choosing the correct specification frees you to spend more time tending your lawns and plants, as you make far fewer trips to the compost area thanks to the large bins in garden barrow tippers. Having four wheels instead of one makes the distribution of weight kinder to your garden.

The Range of Garden Trolley Carts

In order to make it easier to pull or push trailers to remove lawn cuttings, rose prunings, hedge clippings etc. it is advisable to right-size them to your requirements and strength. Here are a few possibilities to consider from a far wider range.

1. A mini wagon for the garden providing 125 litres of storage but that handles like a 4-wheel-drive wheelbarrow, thanks to its compact dimensions of 118cm long by 107cm wide by 58.5cm high excluding the draw handle. Make sure it comes complete with plastic storage tub for easy cleaning and that it has a rust-free frame construction.

2. A medium range wheelbarrow on wheels with solid sides and bottom, that tilts up for ease of dumping on the compost heap, and measures approximately 110cm long by 50cm wide by 52cm high excluding the pulling handle. Make sure the one you buy has a good strong metal frame and features dual axles and smooth-running rubber wheels.

3. A heavier-duty garden mesh cart with all-steel construction and handy drop sides for easier removing of heavy cuttings, paving stones and bulky garden refuse. To handle 770 pounds (350-kilograms) of cargo this should run on pneumatic tyres, and measure about 108cm long by 52cm wide by 55cm high excluding the draw handle.

4. For professionals and bigger jobs, a mega garden trolley cart that can take 770-pounds (350-kilograms) of garden refuse of any kind is ideal. Make sure it comes complete with easy-to-use turntable steering and air tyres so you can get out of tight corners. Trailers to remove garden refuse like this should have approximate dimensions of 140cm long by 64cm wide by 65cm high not counting the handle.

Gardening’s a Pleasure with Garden Trolley Carts

There is a wide range of useful garden push carts and heavier-duty transporters available.

We have included some advanced features in our designs, including great ergonomics, large smooth-running wheels, rust free surfaces and easy loading and offloading.

All you need do is decide which of these fantastic gardening aids is going to assist you best, and free you up to spend more quality time around your garden.

If you feel the standard models are too large for you, then consider  a light duty, multi-purpose  cart. These can handle 132-pounds (60-kilograms) with ease, and make the perfect gift for any garden lover, including yourself.