Best Secateurs for Small Hands from Leading Brands Reviewed

Last Updated on 03/02/2024 by Barney

best secateurs for small hands

Gardeners tools,  especially secateurs have come along in leaps and bounds in recent years. The best garden tool manufacturers have answered the demand for specific pruners aimed at users with differing needs.

There are secateurs for small hands and large. Secateurs designed specifically for left handed and secateurs for arthritic hands. Whatever your requirement there is a pair of secateurs that will match your needs perfectly, making  those gardening tasks  a more enjoyable experience. Pruning work has never been easier. 

So here we have put together a  list that we feel are the best secateurs for those that larger models are not comfortable. All models reviewed are bypass pruners / secateurs for fresh wood and plant foliage. If looking to cut old, dead wood then anvil secateurs are recommended. 

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felco 160s for small handsFelco 160S Essential Small Bypass Pruning Secateurs

The Felco 160S Essential secateur  is the  entry level offering but is still  better quality than other pruners in this price range.

The handles are made from an extremely tough composite material, giving a good grip and the blade is manufactured from hardened steel leaving clean cuts on shrubs and plants up to a maximum 20mm diameter. 

The locking mechanism is located on the side of the secateur, easily locked into place whilst gardening, cutting and deadheading. 

As with all other Felco models all the parts on the Essential are replaceable with spares available from many vendors online. No more throwing out your secateurs when a spring breaks! 

small bypass secateursOkatsune 101 Small Bypass Secateurs

We have not tested this particular model but if the reviews are anything to go by  this is an exceptional pruner for all those pruning jobs and competes with all the other top brand secateurs.

Simplicity has been at the forefront of precision design.

Handle, blade, spring and catch. The steel blades are something else! Manufactured from  Japanese steel (the cutting is pure joy. This will lengthen time between sharpening the blade and give years of enjoyable use (plus you can brag about having Samurai secateurs)

The handles also make it easier to find in low light. 

Gardena 8905-20 Garden  Pruning Shears 

This is a good bypass gardening secateur for light and occasional use although if you need a secateur for shrub work one of the above may be a better option (if your budget allows). A PTFE coating on the  steel blades make them easy to clean and inhibit  corrosion and rust.

Comfortable handles and a conveniently located locking mechanism make this a great gardening hand tool.   

These shears feature an adjustment the user can make to suit hand sizes. 

Soft and nicely shaped handles make this a comfortable cutting tool to use.

small handed felco secateursFelco Model 6 Compact Pruning Secateurs

This model is the 160s (see top) big brother. Specifically designed for smaller hands the No 6 is a professional secateur that will last you a lifetime.

They will cut through the toughest of plant material, twigs  and stems with ease. Also features a wire cutting notch and comes with  a lifetime warranty for manufacturers defects.

As with all Felco models, replacement blades and springs are available should damage occur.

Swiss design at it’s best. 

The Bottom Line

All of the secateurs listed above are designed for the small handed gardener and offer superior quality over their rivals. Out of these models the best secateurs for small hands would be either the Felco 6 or the Okatsune 101. The only thing being between the two is that there are more spares available for the Felco 6.

Remember, when it comes to gardening tools if you buy cheap you buy twice.