Cheap Leaf Blowers

Cheap leaf blowers do not need to be rubbish leaf blowers. With Autumn just around the corner, the dreaded leaf clearing tasks begin. Leaf blowers make light work of cleaning up leaves  off paths, flower beds and patios.

When it comes to buying a cheap leaf blower always choose a well known brand name. In our opinion the DIY store branded leaf blowers always fail to live up to expectations.

We have put together the best of the budget leaf blowers and where  to purchase them from.

Cheap Leaf Blowers – the models (under 50.00)

Black & Decker GW2200 Leaf Blower Vacuum

2200w motor – Large 35 litre collection bag – 10:1 shredding ratio in vacuum mode – 7 kg weight – Ergonomic handle for comfort and ease of use.

Bosch ALS 2500 Electric Garden Blower/ Vacuum

2500w motor – Variable speed  – maximum air speed 300 km/h – 10: 1 shredding ratio in vacuum mode – Shoulder strap for ease of use – large 45 litre collection bag for less time spent emptying.

Flymo Garden Vac 2700


Cheap leaf blowers – our advice for purchasing the right model.

There are some very good cheap leaf blowers available to buy. When deciding which unit to buy the following should help you in getting the right model.

  • How powerful is the motor? The more wattage generally means more power.
  • How much does the unit weigh? For periods of long use a heavier unit may become tiring to use.
  • Does the model have a vacuum facility?
  • Controlling leaves is easier with a variable speed motor. Does your chosen leaf blower have this feature?