Makita BHX2501 Petrol Leaf Blower

Makita BHX2501 leaf blower

The Makita BHX2501 petrol leaf blower is just the tool for making light work of fallen leaves.

Manufactured by one of the world leaders in construction tools we know this leaf blower will ease through those leaf blowing tasks.

 Using Makitas infamous MM4 engine cleaning up the garden has never been quicker, simpler and quieter.


  • Compact & Lightweight .
  • Clean exhaust emission and low fuel consumption.
  • Electronic ignition.
  • Mechanical decompression system for easy recoil pulling.


Cubic Capacity
 24.5 cc Engine
 4-Stroke  Max Airflow
 Net weight 4.4 kg

Where to buy…….

This leaf blower can be purchased from Amazon.


The driving force…….

The MM4 engine behind this leaf blower is a 24.5cc 4 stroke engine. 4 stroke engines are much quieter to run than their 2 stroke cousins. The MM4 engine is up to 40% more fuel efficient making running costs much lower. Lower running emissions on this unit also go to benefit the user, and the environment.

Being a 4 stroke engine normal unleaded petrol is used. No mixing of oil and petrol required. Always check the unit has oil in it before use. Most manufacturers supply this separately or this can be purchased from a local DIY store.

Makita the company……..

Makita are one of the worlds largest tool manufacturers. Founded in 1915 in Japan they have risen to become a brand that most professionals, in their chosen field, would not do without.

They are at the forefront in bringing customers quality and innovative products at affordable prices.

How did leaf blowers come about?………..

There is a very interesting article on Wikipedia  on leaf blowers.

It turns out leaf blowers were invented quite by accident. The leaf blower we see today started it early life as a sprayer for chemicals in the USA. Many customers of these sprayers would take off parts associated with chemical spraying and use the unit as a  blower around the garden etc.

Manufacturers took note of its new use and started producing the leaf blower we use today.

Why we love this leaf blower?

This a quality, professional  leaf blower from leading manufacturers Makita. What we really like about is it runs on 4 stroke petrol.  No need to mix petrol and oil together to run this leaf blower. Available separately to buy is the vacuum attachment for the Makita BHX2501.