Felco Secateurs

Felco secateurs are the No 1 secateur choice by professional gardeners and horticulturalists the world over. Ask any gardener that has ever owned a pair , would they swap for another brand? the answer will be a very abrupt “no way”.

Felco  – the models

Felco offer 3 ranges of secateur. Budget, Basic and Ergonomic . Click on the model number for more information – Click on the price to buy.

Budget  Secateurs “essential range”

These are still a fantastic secateur. Spares and replacement blades can be purchased for both models.

Felco 160S
Felco 160L
DescriptionA great, all round, entry level secateur for the small handed users. A good, all round entry level secateur for the large handed users.

Basic Felco Secateurs

The basic range of secateurs offered from Felco  are fantastic, all round secateurs for general, medium and heavy use in the garden.  These secateurs are suitable for both left and right handed users. For specific secateurs ie arthritis sufferers, left handed and small handed secateurs see the ergonomic range.

Felco 2 Original Felco 4 Standard
Felco 5 Economy
Felco 11 Grower
1" cutting diameter. Suits left & right handed. Sap groove. Blade adjustment. Shock absorber. Very strong aluminium handles.As Felco 2 but without the shock absorber and blade micro-adjustment bolt.Lightweight, strong, economy model.The updated version of the Felco 2.

Ergonomic  Secateurs for Left Handed Users….

Angled cutting heads and ergonomically shaped handles  have been designed into these secateurs. Helping to reduce fatigue and stress on your hand and joints.

Further more some models feature a rotating handle. This reduces stress and the effort needed to use. Perfect for people with arthritis, RSI or other hand related problems.

Below are the 2 versions of secateurs specifically designed for left handed users.

Felco 9Felco 10
Felco 9Felco 10
Cutting edge ergonomic design for left handed users. Angled cutting head reduces stress on hands joints and tendons. 1" cutting diameter. Suitable for medium to large left handed users.As Felco model 9 but with the addition of Felcos rotating handle. This is especially helpful for those with arthritis or professional horticulturists whom need a constant use secateur.

Ergonomic Secateurs for Right Handed Users

The same angled head design and ergonomic handles as used on the Felco  9 and Felco 10  but for right handed users.

Felco 7Felco 8
Felco 7Felco 8
Cutting edge ergonomic design for right handed users. Angled cutting head reduces stress on hands joints and tendons. 1" cutting diameter. Suitable for medium to large right handed users. Rotating handle As Felco 7 without rotating handle


These  pruning tools are simply the best garden tools you can buy for pruning tasks. All spares are readily available on line making these a lifetime purchase. Springs, blades, holsters and even the handles can be found for purchase should anything go wrong with your Felco secateurs.