Felco 6 secateurs are  designed with the small to medium handed user in mind. The Felco model 6 are a  compact, high performance, ergonomic secateur for all general gardening pruning tasks. With an angled head, it makes prolonged use easier on the wrist and hand.

Felco 6 secateurs


Felco Model 6
felco 160l
DescriptionDesigned for users with small - medium sized hands
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The Felco model No 6 secateur is a professional, compact secateur suited for users with small to average sized hands. It comes with a lifetime guarantee and all parts are replaceable.


Weight : 210g

Length : 195mm

Cutting diameter : 20mm

Cutting notch – Sap Groove – Micro blade adjustment – Shock absorber – Hardened steel blade – Lifetime Warranty

Our Review of the Felco 6

This is a fantastic lightweight secateur for small hands. The build quality is second to none. As with all other Felco models all the parts are replaceable.

These secateurs would also make a welcome inclusion into a larger handed users toolbox. We found that they are extremely comfortable to use as flower snips for deadheading roses.

Servicing Felco 6

As with nearly all other Felco models, all parts are replaceable.

Should you need a new blade, new spring or new locking nut – it’s all available online. This really makes a secateur built for life.

About Felco

Arguably the world leader in the manufacture and supply of pruning tools to both the home and professional user. Established since 1946 Felco are not a “flash in the pan” garden tool supplier we find coming into the market yearly.

Felco have very clear objectives when it comes to tool making.

  1. All parts must be interchangeable
  2. All tools to be as ergonomic as possible
  3. Using the very best materials to make gardening tools as durable as possible.

More about Felco can be found here