Felco offer two models of secateur designed specifically for the left handed user.

the felco no 9 left handed secateur

Left handed secateurs differ from right handed models. Firstly the safety catch is correctly located on the secateur so it can be easily operated with the thumb. This is essential when working up ladders or trees for example when both hands are needed at all times.

Secondly the blade is on the the other side of the secateur. This means there is no awkward passing one hand over the other to hold the item you are pruning.


Forged aluminium handle
Carbon steel blade
Blade micro adjustment
Wire cutting notch
Sap Grove
Length: 210mm
Weight : 245g

Felco No 9 handles are made from forged aluminium making them super strong yet lightweight. The handle has been ergonomically design to give hours of comfortable use at a time, protecting the hand and wrist from repetitive strain. The handle covers, in red, stand out in low light. The handles also have a non slip coating, excellent when working in wet conditions.

Hardened carbon steel blade. The blade stays sharper for longer. Easily sharpened with Felcos diamond sharpening stone. Should you damage the blade accidentally ( although we can’t see how) they are readily available to purchase.

Large 1″ cutting diameter.

Handy wire cutting notch for cutting garden wire without damaging the blade.

All parts replaceable on the Felco no 9 are replaceable and serviceable.

So that’s all we really have to say about the Felco No 9. One of these best secateurs for lefties and features as the best secateur for left handers

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