The best secateurs

There are 100s of different secateurs on the market. Some cheap, some expensive, some you should not go anywhere near. If you are looking for the best secateurs available then it would have to be from the Felco range.

There is no best Felco secateur, all of the models have been designed with a specific user in mind.

Felco supply different secateurs designed for the following users:

All Felco secateurs are made from the very highest quality materials with forged aluminium handles, hardened steel blades (that never seem to need sharpening that often).

What  makes  Felco secateurs the best secateurs available, for us here, is that everything on a set of Felcos can be replaced. Blades, springs, handle covers, all available on-line making these the best secateurs for a lifetime.

We have listed out all the different Felco models for you with up to date links to some of the best prices available.