The Jolly Gardener is run by a tiny team of professional gardeners. We are RHS qualified and have a combined experience of 35 years in the field, garden, park & anything green with plants or vegetables.

You might be asking yourself why we are bothering with a site promoting tools when there are so many online?

Tools is just the start for our site. As things progress we hope to move into plants, book reviews and instructional videos. After the years we have spent gardening we feel we have valuable advice to give on most things horticultural.

What we want to do, in a nutshell, is save you money by advising you on the best tools etc to buy for your gardening.

The retail world is awash with junk for gardening, or as we call it land fill. If your a non gardener or just looking for better replacement garden tools it can be difficult to know where to turn before you hand over your hard earn cash. We hope, in time to change this.

Our aim is not to compete with the Which Guides. We want to be light hearted with our site. Despite being called thejollygardener you may find sometimes our posts may be on the grumpy side. Apologies for this in advance but we may of just returned from doing Autumn leaves in the rain or, planting 1000 bulbs in heavy clay soil.

Whatever our ramblings please stick with us. We hope to bring you something great.