Best Climbing Plant for Shade-Hydrangea petiolaris?

Last Updated on 25/01/2021 by Barney

climbing hydrangeaContinuing with our best plants for shade series, if you are not already aware of this climbing plant you should be. It’s a beauty!

Hydrangea anomala subsp. petiolaris is, as the name suggests, a member of the hydrangea family. However, unlike the normal dome shaped shrubs we associate with hydrangeas this is the wall climbing variety.

Large, white lacy flowers appear from late spring to early summer, brightening up those dark areas of the garden. Although it is a deciduous climber the peeling bark on coppery brown stems also adds interest to an ugly brick wall.

These shade loving climbers are quite slow to get started but when they do establish they have a good, controllable medium growth rate.

What makes this plant exceptional is that is one of only a very small number of climbers that will grow in full shade and will tolerate all soil types. Clay, loam or sandy soil with the pH from neutral to acidic.