Best Weed Membrane – Fabric and Heavy Duty Versions

What is a Weed Membrane?

There is nothing rocket science about a weed control membrane. It’s just a sheet of material that covers bare soil whilst letting water and nutrients pass through which inhibits the growth of garden weeds. Planting can then be made through slits made.

Easily cut with  pair of garden scissors (just don’t use your best ones) and held onto the soil with plastic or metal pegs,  a membrane  is great at preventing  those weeds from taking hold.

All weeds start off as a seed and are normally blown into your garden with the wind. Seeds can also lay dormant in garden soil for years only to appear as weeds, jump into growth and smother your plants  once the soil has been cultivated.

Our Recommended Best Weed Membrane for Preventing Weeds

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Different Types of  Weed Membrane to Prevent Weed Growth

For home owners, gardeners and landscapers there are two different types of weed barrier available. Fabric  and woven geotextile. Geotextile being the more robust, and durable of either . Both types allow water and nutrients to pass through and stop weeds from growing in the garden.

best weed membrane fabricLandscape fabric membranes for weeds

Weed control fabric is the most economical of the two types. Made from fabric that feels like  felt.

The thickness of the barrier is sold referring to its gsm. The heavier the gsm the better it will be at suppressing weeds.

These weed membranes have a shorter life span and are not as durable as the geotextile landscaping barriers .

In our experience expect between 3-5 years  before the fabric needs replacing. All being said we have listed our best weed control fabric on our list of best membranes.

best heavy duty weed membrane Geotex Weed Membranes

If your budget allows and you want a best permanent weed suppressing solution then we recommend a woven geotex membrane. Like the previous version, these heavyweight weed membranes allow rain water to permeate through but block all light from the soil below to stop weeds growing.

How To Use Weed Membranes Properly

Installation is simple enough for most to perform in the garden without calling in the professionals. Either membrane is sold as roll with different sizes.

Site Preparation.

Simply clear the soil, proposed garden path or under new garden decking  of all existing weeds and level the soil as much as possible.

Laying it out for installation.

Unroll the membrane on the soil. With a sharp pair of scissors cut the membrane to length. Best to secure any overlaps by  10cm and secure the membrane down with pegs.

Planting through the weed membrane.

Planting through a weed membrane is simple. Cut an X with a Stanley knife, fold back edges and plant in the space made.

A  membrane is better suited for a shrub border and  under gravel, decking,  paths and front gardens to prevent weeds.

What To Put On-Top of Weed Membrane to Make it More Attractive

It is best practice once you have installed your garden weed membrane and it is help securely down with membrane pegs to put a generous layer of landscaping bark  on top of the membrane (not soil).

This weighs the membrane down stops it lifting in high winds, makes the garden look attractive and shows the planting off to its best.