My Fiskars PowerGear X HSX92 Review – Garden Shears

Last Updated on 19/07/2023 by Barney

As a professional gardener I rely on garden tools that will perform as they are advertised and last the distance. So, I have bought my new garden shears and decided to share with you my Fiskars Powergear X HSX92 review.

I have owned an older set of Fiskars PowerGear shears for a while now. Coming up to 6 years and whilst these have been (and still are ) a great workhorse they are looking a bit worn.

Fiskars PowerGear X HSX92 – at a glance

Fiskars PowerGear X HSX92 shears
Fiskars PowerGear HSX92 Shears
  • PTFE coated – extra hardened corrosion resistant steel blades
  • PowerGear X technology for 3.5 x easier cutting
  • Light weight – 808g
  • Total length – 68cm
  • Blade length -45 cm
  • PowerGrip coated handles for comfort
  • Rubber shock absorber pad
  • Reusable blade guard
  • 25 Year Fiskars warranty

Fiskars PowerGear X HSX92 (in detail)


Too many tools arrive these days needing tools to get into the tools. None of that with these shears. No cable ties. No unnecessary nonsense. Just the shears and their plastic protective cover.

Oh, here we go I thought when I noticed the plastic case. This will no doubt take me an hour to get in to and require a hammer, a chisel, cable cutters etc.

This was not the case, happy to see that this wasn’t a “one time” shipping detail that heads straight to landfill.

The plastic case around the guard is reusable. Excellent.

For how long I will use it is another matter but it is good to see a piece of plastic with an intended longer purpose than just packaging.

The Blades

Fiskars make excellent blades, just how do you think they are famous for bringing the unmistakable orange handled scissors to market back in 1967? Quality steel and design.

Blades on HSX92 shears

The blades on the HSX92 are no exception to the Fiskars high quality we’ve all come to expect.

Hardened steel with a PTFE coating. Not sure what PTFE is? Think Telfon.

PTFE is a corrosion resistant coating that is also non stick. This is especially useful when shears have this coating as blades can often become sticky with sap and need regular cleaning whilst pruning (a right pain when in the middle of a job)

The blade length is 20.5cm. For me this is the perfect size. Too many budget makes of shear have blades that are far too large leading to more effort than necessary when trimming shrubs and hedges.

Cutting Mechanism

I am a real fan of geared shears and loppers. It really does take less effort to use tools if they are geared.

gear mechanism on Fiskars HSX92

The HSX92 features Fiskars PowerGear technology which reports to make cutting 3.5x easier.

I can not say if this is the exact case ie 3.5x easier but it works, and anything that makes gardening less effort I am all for!


At 808g it is not the lightest shear I have used. The standard PowerGear 11 is 720g however the HSX92 model has longer handles and a metal gear mechanism which I feel is more suited to the work I am going to put it through (and most likely last longer).

What’s 88 grams between friends?

The Handles

The handles are a generous 35cm in length. Being slightly longer than other models I have used and reviewed .

handles on Fiskars HSX92

I’d much rather substitute a few grams in weight whilst having a shear that has longer handles. This is especially helpful when trimming the tops of hedges.

I tested these on a wet day and the SoftGrip coating on the handles worked a treat. The shears where not slipping in my hands and felt extremely comfortable.

As I have quoted many times before the orange on all Fiskars gardening tools really helps to locate them in the garden if you have misplaced and in low light conditions.

Fiskars PowerGear HSX92 Review – Conclusion

Although the price of the HSX92 is at the top end of currently available shears they are worth every penny if you need a shear for regular use . I highly recommend the Fiskars PowerGear HSX92.

These shears filled me with confidence that they will not fall apart within a few uses . For piece of mind they are backed by an exceptional 25 year warranty should there be a problem.

Fiskars make up a good percentage of the gardening tools I use on a regular basis. Whilst I wont budge from my Felco secateurs they make excellent forks, spades, weeders & telescopic tree pruners.

With this in mind they are a firm contender on my list of favoured gardening shears.