Garden Mulch from Rolawn

Last Updated on 28/06/2023 by Barney

With the hot weather, it has never been more important to add a generous application of garden mulch to your planting beds.

By adding mulch to your garden beds you will drastically reduce the amount of watering needed as garden mulch acts like an insulating barrier. In hot weather much of your watering will be lost through evaporation without a good application of organic matter on-top of planting borders.

Mulch comes in various forms. Bark and wood chip mulch is  commonly used but these tend to turn grey and ugly in the sun and always seem to blow all over patios and paths. Another disadvantage of using bark is it does not help in conditioning the soil. There is a much better alternative…….

Here, we like ProMulch from Rolawn.

ProMulch is  quality, peat free mulch, made from stabilized chopped straw, that promotes healthy plant growth by enhancing soil fertility and retaining water effectively. Ideal for use as a  mulch or soil improver in any bed or border.

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Rolawn ProMulch

ProMulch from Rolawn








ProMulch has been awarded the waterwise mark for its highly efficient moisture retaining properties and significantly reduces the need to water.

Garden mulching can be carried out at anytime of the year apart from when the ground is frozen.