Great Ground Cover Plants for the Shade [UK]

Last Updated on 15/05/2023 by Barney

liriope big blue for shaded bordersIt’s an age old gardening dilemma. Finding plants that will grow successfully, thrive and look interesting in a shaded garden border.

Liriope “Big Blue” scores highly on our list of plants suitable for almost all conditions in a border that receives little natural light.

This evergreen perennial has erect, strap shaped deep green leaves and stunning spires of purple-blue flowers appearing in Autumn once all other perennials have done their thing for the year. Very useful for the late season bordercolour.

Where to plant Liriope

Liriope can be planted in all soil types, clay, loam and sandy. They do not do well however in an alkaline soil. It can be planted in a sunny position but will need to be kept moist. For best results planted  shaded position is more suited. Liriope also works well planted under deciduous trees and shrubs.

Eventual size

Big Blue will get to approximately 30cm high and 30 wide and is a clump forming perennial. To create the best visual effect consider planting in large groups of 7 or more.

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