There is limited time left to buy raspberry canes UK has the perfect climate for successful growing of fruiting raspberry plants.

Raspberries plants are purchased as canes for planting in the winter. The UK season fro planting these canes is from Nov to late February.

Raspberries like warm weather with plenty of rain, something were not short of here.

Why not try planting Summer and Autumn fruiting varieties, this will give you an abundant crop of fresh, healthy rasperry fruits for nearly 6 months every year. Raspberry varieties can flower from later June right up to the first frosts.

Some raspberry canes can provide you with up to 1kg of fruit each. Compare that to a 250g punnet from the supermarket for £3 approx.

Raspberry canes really are a great investment for your garden. Easy to plant and extremely easy to maintain, even for the novice gardener.

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A great selection of summer and autumn fruiting raspberries. Varieties include Malling Minerva, Autumn Treasure, Brice Glen Coe, Joan J and more……
If you want to have fruiting raspberries next year remember to buy any of the autumn fruiting varieties. Summer fruiting raspberries will provide fruit the second and subsequent years.

What to buy…..

The first step in choosing a raspberry canes (s) for your garden is when do you want to be harvesting the raspberries.

Raspberry varieties are either early summer, mid summer, late summer or autumn.

Why not try a selection and have delicious, home grown raspberries for almost 5 months of the year.

Eary Summer Variety

Raspberry ‘Glen Moy’

The Glen Moy variety is the earliest to fruit of all raspberries. Some state this is also the best tasting. Almost no prickly spines and an excellent resistance to aphids. The ‘Glen Moy’ also carries the AGM, the Royal Horticultural Societies award of garden merit!

         malling minerva raspberries   Malling Minerva

  •               Fruits from early June for approx 6 weeks
  •               Delicious medium sized fruits
  •               Spine free
  •               Fruits have good a shelf life
  •               Very good resistance to aphids and late frosts
  •               Conical shaped fruits

Mid Summer Varieties

glen ample raspberries           Glen Ample

  •              Masses of deep red large conical fruits
  •              Excellent eating cooking and freezing variety
  •              Spine free
  •              Crops late June to late July


Late Summer & Autumn Varieties

delicious joan j raspberries          Joan J

  •            Reported to be one of the best late summer early autumn UK raspberry canes
  •            Fruits from late July right up to the first frosts!
  •            Excellent raspberry for freezing
  •            Needs little support


purple raspberry plants         Glen Coe

  •           Striking purple coloured raspberry
  •          Very large cropping
  •           Sweet intense flavoured fruits
  •           Perfect for jams and desserts


Autumn Varieties

amazing yellow coloured fruits       All Gold

  •           Delicate but exquisite tasting yellow raspberries
  •           Fruits mid August – October
  •           Self fertile
  •           H:150 S:50



autumn treasure raspberry         Autumn Treasure

  •           Scrumptious raspberry fruits from late August to October
  •          Spine free & self supporting
  •          Good resistance to fungal root rot



There are some great suppliers of raspberry canes UK.