This  secateur from Felco is a perfect entry level secateur for light to medium use . It is designed with the small / average size handed user in mind. An incredibly light secateur and, as with all secateurs from Felco, all the parts are replaceable including new blades. See the Felco 160L for this model for larger hands.

As a gardener I am always trying new secateurs and garden tools and despite these being from the ‘essential’ range I found these to be of excellent quality.

Product Features

Blade: Made from sharp, heat treated, quality hardened steel. Essential for clean and precise cuts reducing the chance of disease and infection entering the pruned cut. There is a micro adjustment nut which, if needed, ensuring the blade is perfectly aligned with the anvil.

The cutting diameter is a generous 20mm, enough to tackle most pruning tasks before having to get out the garden loppers.

Angled Cutting Head : The head assembly is angled giving greater flexibility when in amongst stems, roses and shrubs. It’s ergonomic shape also helps reduce wrist strain with periods of heavy pruning.

Handles : The tough, ultra light handles, made from a FibreGlass composite the handles are exceptionally strong and being fibreglass makes these one of the lightest secateurs I have tested at only 175g.

Coated in Felcos renowed red colour makes these easier to find when out and about gardening.

Warranty: Felco offer a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects

The Bottom Line

This small handed secateur is ideal for a gardener looking for a quality tool from a renowned maker.

What I find really wonderful with tools from the Felco range is that all parts are replaceable (and available) so if, and that is a big if, something goes wrong the unit can be fixed and not just sent to landfill.

That is something cheap foreign imports can not claim!

Whether for yourself or as a gift for someone, I heartedly recommend these secateurs. They will not let you down.

If this model does not seem suitable for your purpose check out my other recommended secateurs for small hands