Felco 2 Secateurs Review – Tried and Tested.

The Felco model 2 secateur has long been a favourite amongst professional and keen gardeners. So much so, it scored top of my list of quality secateurs.

Apologies for the battered appearance, these are my very own secateurs used for this Felco 2 review. These have been through 100’s of hours of pruning work and I am still not ready to let them go!

As a professional gardener I need secateurs that stay sharp and made to the highest standard. The last thing I want when out gardening for a customer is to be let down by my secateurs.

felco 2 review model
My 20 Year Old Felco Secateurs. Still going strong!

I love the Felco No2’s, so much they have been at my side gardening professionally for 20 years. How many tools can claim to last 20 years, especially these days with cheap foreign imports?

Who are these secateurs for ?

These secateurs are designed for serious gardeners, amateur and professional that value a quality garden tool.

The build quality on these is so good they will never fail on you. Perfect for pruning plants, shrubs, trees with medium to heavy use.

This model from Felco is made for right handed users with a medium to large sized hand.

Key Features of the Felco 2

The all important blade

One of the features that me impresses most about these secateurs is length of time needed between sharpening.

The blade, made from heat treated hardened steel, is like it suggests, extremely hard and keeps a sharp edge way longer than cheaper secateurs.

The cut is effortless, neat and precise. Exactly what you need for putting less stress on your hands and for the health of the plant being pruned. A nasty, ragged cut could leave the plant being susceptible to disease.

Conveniently, the blade also features a wire cutting notch. This is really handy when putting up or removing climbing plant support wires. No need to have a separate wire cutter with this model.

Located on the anvil blade is the sap groove. This really helps is preventing the secateurs jamming up with gooey plant sap. Again, this is something you just don’t find on many of the entry level models available.

Blade Micro Adjustment

Nifty little feature that hold the blade in the correct position whilst adjusting the tightness as it passes the anvil. This feature also makes replacing the blade a simple task.

Shock Absorber

If you have ever used a set of hedge shears that doesn’t have a shock absorber you will know how important this feature is for repetitive cutting.

This might look small and insignificant but it really does help in reducing stress and fatigue on your pruning hand when fully closing the secateurs.

The Handles

Made from forged aluminium the contours fit the hand comfortably. Being aluminium this also makes the handles rust free and light weight.

The red, non slip covering helps to locate the secateurs should you happen, like me, to be constantly putting them down and forgetting.

The covering is replaceable should you need to.

The Safety Catch

Located on the inside of the secateurs it is easily locked into position with the thumb.

The Warranty

Lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects although in my experience you are never going to need to use it.

Important to note that all parts are replaceable which truly makes these secateurs ones that will garden happily with you for many years.

Mine, as pictured here have been in service for around 20 years and I have no desire to change them anytime soon.

Alternatives to the Felco 2

I have yet to fully put them through their paces but the Okatsune 104 is a much talked about model that has been directly compared to the Felco 2 in terms of quality and precision.

Watch this space, I will be doing a full evaluation soon. Who knows, maybe I’ll be converted?

Round up

If you have medium to large sized hands and looking for a pruner that is a pleasure to operate and will last a lifetime then these secateurs should be top of your list.