Secateurs for Arthritis Sufferers – Our guide and recommendations

There are over 200 types of arthritis , rheumatoid and osteoarthritis being the most common to affect the fingers and joints. Finding and choosing the right secateurs for arthritis sufferers and users with weak hands can be confusing, especially if you have no experience with gardening tools.

Our recommendations (in order of price)

Fiskars PowerGear PX92 for Small to Medium Hands

fiskars px92 for weak arthritic hands

As with Felco, the PowerGear PX92 features a rotating handle, making pruning up to 3.5x easier on the hands and joints than standard bypass secateurs.

This model is for small – medium right handed users. (see below for the larger version)

Due to their lower price these secateurs are a great alternative to the Felco models should they be for a gift or budgetary concerns.

Click here to buy the Fiskars PX92 on Amazon.

Fiskars PowerGear PX94 for Medium to Large Hands

Fiskars px94 rotating handle secateur

Made for medium to large right handed users.

All the great specification from the model above (PX92)

Rotating handle spreads the force across the hand making pruning less stressful on joints and tendons.

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Felco Model 12 – Compact Secateurs for Right Handed Gardeners.

Felco model 12 for arthritis sufferers

The name Felco is synonymous across the garden industry for manufacturing the best secateurs.

Wanting to cater for all  gardeners needs Felco have 3 models of secateur ideal for users that suffer from arthritic  and weaker hands.

The Felco model 12 is full of features you would expect from secateurs in this price range.  As with the Fiskars, the rotating handle spreads the force across the fingers and whole hand thus making repetitive secteur use kinder on joints. Rubber shock absorber, a blade that is super sharp (and stays sharper for longer than all models tested)

All Felco secateurs come with a lifetime warranty and all parts can be replaced and easily found on Amazon.

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Felco 7 Right Handed Secateur for Medium to Large Hands.

felco 7 for arthritis sufferers with rotating handle

All the great features of the Felco model 12 are the same on this model but the Felco 7 is designed for larger handed gardeners that need a more comfortable secateur. One that is easier on the hand joints such as arthritis sufferers and those that experience weak hands and / or wrists.

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Felco Model 10 – for Left Handed Medium to Large Handed Gardeners

felco 10 secateurs for left handed users with arthritis

Felco 10 has all the features of the Felco 7 but is for left handed gardeners.

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Swollen finger joints and hand pain can severely affect the ability to carry out the simplest of garden tasks. What once was an enjoyable  passion now becomes a chore and a painful one at that.

Pruning with arthritis  is one of the most repetitive gardening tasks. The one that is going to cause the most irritation and strain on arthritic joints. There are however better secteurs that will aid a user with arthritic hands than others.

The use of secateurs can not be avoided in a planted garden. When carrying out those pruning tasks  a secateur that is going to give  the maximum output for the minimum  effort on  hands and joints is needed.

This should be a rule for every gardener, not just those with arthritic hands. Buy cheap and you will buy twice!

Some secateurs  work better for some sufferers than others. You may be lucky and find the right pair straight away. Alternatively it may be needed to purchase 2 or 3 pairs before finding the right one that is most comfortable. The solution is out there, it may just be a case of trial and error.

a sharp secateur blade in vitalThe blade on a secateur should be of excellent quality and always razor sharp. This reduces  much of the force  needed when pruning.

If you have a razor sharp blade and still find the force needed is tiring or causing pain then stop. There may be another garden tool, such as a lopper that is more suited to the task.

  Recommended Secateurs for Arthritis Sufferers

Felco SecateursFelco offer an ergonomically designed secateur. We believe Felco to of been the first to develop a unique rotating handle. This secateur is available in both left and right hand versions.

The rotating handle spreads the force across finger joints, reducing stress and making the secateur more comfortable to use for those that suffer with joint problems such as those that suffer from arthritis.

Felco blades are made from carbon steel. They are very sharp and stay sharp for longer between sharpenings.

Felco secateurs are the professionals choice in horticulture and worth every penny.

Click here for the Felco Model 7 & 10  Ergonomic secateur.


        PowerGear™ Bypass Pruners

Fiskars have launched a secateur with both a rotating handle and their patented PowerGear    technology.

The PowerGear reduces the effort needed by up to 3x when pruning, similar to ratchet secateurs

The handle is constructed from  lightweight, reinforced fibreglass. The blade is corrosion resistant and has a non stick PTFE coating, lessening the added resistance from friction. Fiskars are making ground in garden tool supply. These secateurs are worth looking at.

Priced from £20.00. Click here for more info.

bosch electric secateur           Bosch Electric Pruners

Powered by a rechargeable Lithium ION battery.

The Bosch CISO cordless secateur powers through small branches. Giving approximately 500 cuts per   full charge  this                    electric secateur is really suited for the shrub and fruit garden.

Prices from £59.00. Click here for specification and to buy.

Hopefully this article has proved useful in your search for secateurs for arthritis sufferers and those with arthritic hands. This list will be added to when more suitable products are found.

Care for your secateurs.

With the appropriate care your secateurs should last you a lifetime (providing you don’t loose them under a bush, we’ve all been there).


Having a very sharp blade will produce clean, healthy cuts on your plant material and make light work on your joints, lessening the force needed. There are many sharpening stones and specialist secateur sharpening tools. I find a simple sharpening stone to be a very effective method. I would recommend after every use to wipe the blades with some warm soapy water, thoroughly dry and a quick pass with a sharpening stone. It’s a good idea to have a pre oiled cloth to wipe over the blade to prevent rust.


Keep the spring oiled at all times. There’s nothing worse than secateurs that refuse to open and close properly. Also the spring is the one component that is more likely to rust so a few drops of 3-in-1 oil works a treat.